TIME 10:00-1:00

Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden (VEBCOG) mission is to provide transitional employment for homeless veterans, rehabilitation of disabled veterans using Horticulture Therapy, and training for veterans and active duty seeking a career in agriculture. We provide Beginning Farmer and Rancher training and access to a on-site Farmers Market with SNAP capability to sell produce. We have also created a partnership with the City of New Bern Recreation Center to provide agricultural classes for children attending their after school and summer program.

Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden (VEBCOG) is a social entrepreneurship, which has an innovative, value-creating urban farming activity within Craven County. Our primary mission is to provide veterans with information about VA benefits, medical care and veterans services  to give them an opportunity to improve their quality of life. The organic vegetables and produce is the key sustainability portion of the social enterprise and have an equal role in the welfare and success of the veterans in the program.


Lovay Wallace-Singleton,

Executive Director

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